Edison Style Light Bulb E12 Bakelite Pendant

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Weight: 0.4lbs

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Brown braided Black braided Burgundy braided Poppy Red braided Blue braided White Braided Cypress Green Braided Black pulley cable Brown pulley cable White pulley cable Poppy Red pulley cable Old Gold pulley cable Black+White zig zag pulley cable

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Ceiling Canopy *

Choose to add a ceiling canopy J-Box cover plate.

No ceiling canopy Gloss black +USD $8.07

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Edison Style Light Bulb E12 Bakelite Pendant with an optional cord grip ceiling canopy. This Edison screw SES socket comes with braided cable with length option.
Comes assembled and complete with cord grip ceiling canopy if required. Includes a UL Listed Bakelite E12 Socket with black cordgrip component. Cables available are made from UL type conductors with either a double insulator with overbraid applied to each (Braided twisted) or an overbraid over all conductors (Pulley Type).

The Victorian industrial nature of this fitting combines with the Edison Style light bulb to give a candle light type color with a traditional look, suited to warehouse type apartment living. With its hand-blown style and warm amber glow, an Edison light bulb exudes a rustic charm like no other globe. Also will be available are a growing range of decorative LED options

Choose a globe from the range available and perhaps grab an E12 spare or variation globe.

Height: 2.2 in
Diameter: .5 in
Bulb dimensions are available in “E12 Globes” section.