Nickel Plate E26 Cordgrip Pendant Socket

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Weight: 0.2lbs

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Nickel Plate E26 Cordgrip Pendant Socket is UL Listed, suitable for both the USA and Canada. This socket is a standard 10mm unswitched Uno thread lampbody with special turned brass compression nut component. This is a superior cable gland for use with bare bulb and single gallery type pendant lighting. Note cable not included. Since this is a cable hung design we have also included an earth connection internally and as such can be used with 3 core cable.

This hardware is of the highest quality brass and comes with optional body conversion to 1.5in thread shade nut system.

Height Including Cord Grip: 3.2in
Diameter: 1.5in
Diameter Shade Nuts: 1.9in
Max 660W
UL File No E227063