Brass E39 Socket

USD $42.19USD $66.19

Weight: 1.9lbs

Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

Brass E39 Socket. Comes with new surface brass body, ceramic insert and insulated thread and screw terminals. Optional Cord Grip mechanism insures that cable can not be pulled out of the fitting. These sockets are quite rare and so we have have a batch made for use in older style vintage industrial shades. Can be used with any E39 lamp including our range of LED Filament E39 globes. The shape of these industrial type bulbs suits better the long neck of the shades and with no cable dangling inside the shade the stability of the globe is assured.

Earthed system that requires 3 core flex and needs to be wired to ground.

The cord grip option will be required when used as a pendant to ensure that the cable cannot be pulled out of the fitting.
The threaded entry option provides a 5/8″ BSP thread and is also supplied with a conversion coupler to 1/2″ BSP thread.

Indoor use.
Diameter 2.25″ at base
Height of 3.9″ (excluding cord grip)
Height of 4.7″ (including cord grip)

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